Will E-Commerce Dominate Physical Store?

  • Luca Fabri Università Europea di Roma
  • Ignacio Márquez Universidad de Córdoba
Keywords: E-Commerce, Physical Retail Stores, Reverse E-Commerce, Business, Technology


The world of retail is undergoing a phase of unprecedented crisis, due to rise of E-commerce. In order to survive the changes due to E-commerce and the huge digitalization process, retailer stores need to reshape their business idea and their approach at the same time. However, a fairly large number of physical stores have failed. The goal of this article is to determine if E-commerce will dominate physical stores. The scope of this article includes: where does traditional retail hold power? Is the E-commerce world an opportunity or a danger for traditional trade? Will there be physical retail store in the future or not? The research started by analysing the statistics on E-commerce in Italy and Spain, highlighting how societal needs are changing and how physical stores are adopting to these, we identify and examine these trends that will shape the retail landscape in the following 5 – 10 years. The findings of this research indicates that physical stores will not go away for sure rather will work together in a win-win situation.

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