Place of Emotions In Marketing And Its Importance In ELM Model

  • Jaroslav Kita University of Economics in Bratislava
  • Patrícia Kollá University of Economics in Bratislava
Keywords: Emotions, Marketing, ELM Model, Consumer Behavior, Sensory Marketing


Until recently, emotions were not one of the most precious elements of marketing. There are theoretical and empirical models that show that emotions affect perception, decision, motivation, and consumer behaviour of the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM). ELM can be defined as a model of processing probability; this theory assumes that it will continue to do with its reflections on consumers in varies direction. The Elaboration Likelihood Model explains how persuasion message works in changing the attitude of the reader or consumers. It is very crucial for corporations and advertisement agencies, to design their marketing strategies and understanding the attitudes of peoples. Out of all attitudes, the paper will analyse how emotions can impact on marketing.